Friday, November 6, 2015

Extraordinary X-Men #1

   Here's a bad sign for any comic book: I read this first issue of Extraordinary X-Men a couple of days ago, and the only thing I remember about it is the last page (the usual surprising image designed to bring you back next month).

   The issue is given over to bringing the team together, as Storm makes a grim discovery and sets out to recruit a sorta kinda classic version of the team.

   I think a "back to basics" approach is almost always a good idea, and I love the original "New X-Men" lineup, so all the potential is there, but instead of launching into big hoo-hah adventures, we're instead getting mired down is another "it's the end of mutants forever and ever" depressing tale.

   There are a few nice moments, and I like the lineup, but I don't care at all for the doom and gloom evident in the underpinning.

Grade: B-


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