Thursday, November 5, 2015

Uncanny X-Men #600

   A bit overdue (but welcome just the same) is issue #600 of the original X-Men title, now bearing the Uncanny X-Men label.

   It could also be promoted as writer Brian Michael Bendis' swan song, as it wraps up his run on the X-Men books - and he's certainly left his mark.

   The issue is a hodgepodge of different styles and stories as we check on with assorted characters. It also forms around an attempt to confront the Beast with his recent (shall we say) lapses in judgment.

   We get some closure, a few reunions, some revelations about Iceman and his gayness, and a rather odd closing scene that doesn't make much sense.

   So it's fun if rather lightweight issue, padded a bit by a black-and-white reprint of a rare solo Iceman story.

    The art is all over the place, with some striking sequences, and others that are a bit of a mess.

   You really get the sense that, rather than being a truly special issue, this is just an extended farewell from Bendis, without much effort to set up the incoming team(s).
   Still it's been good run with some clever bits (and some oddities, too) - if the shifting art styles don'e both you, then check it out.

Grade: B+



Mr. Brooks said...

I enjoyed Bendis giving Scott Summers some of his dignity back. But he took 5 steps back when he made Storm's anti-Cyclops hate too much to take. I understand her anger regarding Professor Xavier's death, but to continue to blame a obviously possessed Cyclops is nuts. Namor was possessed and ravaged Wakanda, where was the hate to him???

To think she truly believed Scott intentionally killed Xavier is bad writing at best.

Chuck said...

I agree completely!