Sunday, October 18, 2015

Uncanny Avengers #1

   Another day, another new issue spinning out of the Avengers family - and yet another disappointment.

   The Uncanny Avengers has always been an odd book, never really fitting in with the rest of the family.

   Perhaps it's the nature of the team, which is based on the idea of showing the world that (super-powered) humans, mutants and (now) Inhumans can work together, fighting for the common good.

    And certainly this is an odd gathering, including the now-aged Steve Rogers (no longer Captain America), Spider-Man, the Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Quicksilver, Rogue, Doctor Voodoo, Synapse and Deadpool.

   So yeah, the team is a complete mess. No one gets along - one team member quits by page 10, and you can hardly blame him. And are we expected to believe that a 90-plus-year-old guy can head up a super-team? Shouldn't he be off enjoying retirement somewhere?

   The opponents are strange (or incomprehensible), there's no chemistry, no one particularly likable (which is a bit of a shock with Rogers on the team) - it just feels like the comic equivalent of goulash, where they threw in a bunch of characters who were laying around with nothing better to do.

   I'll be passing on this one.

Grade: C


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Dwayne said...

I like this art, so I'll give it another couple of issues.