Saturday, October 17, 2015

Justice League of America #4

   This issue of Bryan Hitch's Justice League of America is reassuring.

   Up to this point, the story of the arrival on Earth of the Kryptonian "god" Rao has been following standard science fiction tropes: the visiting alien seems to be benevolent, solving all mankind's ills - but he (it?) actually has an underlying scheme.

   But the members of the JLA finally start unraveling the mystery here, and the secrets have some interesting twists to them - so I feel a bit better that this isn't going to be the "same old" take.


   Hitch's art is impressive as always, with Daniel Hernriques providing the inks. A few pages are almost too much (what is going on in that lab on page two?), but, perhaps, better too much than not enough.

   So I'm cautiously optimistic that the story is going to new and interesting places. Certainly that last page has upped the ante.

Grade: A-


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