Monday, October 19, 2015

Batman #45

   Comics fans are occasionally called on to be patient while stories run their course, and the latest trend (yes, it's been around before) is to replace the hero with a substitute (see: Thor and Captain America).

   That's been the story in Batman in recent months, as (rather absurdly) Commissioner Jim Gordon has been recruited to run a high-tech uniform that allows him to take the place of the original version (who's been recovering from his near-death fight with the Joker).

   So the art by Greg Capullo and Danny Miki is excellent (if a bit gruesome in spots), and the story has been interesting, as the "new" Batman deals with the crime menaces that threaten Gotham City - but the whole premise just feels like fan fiction, with it all based on an unsupportable concept.

   Jim Gordon is (in my mind, anyway), a grizzled cop, not a ripped superhero. Here he's more Iron Man than Batman, and I just can't buy him as a superhero.

   And the Bruce Wayne subplot is equally annoying, as he wrestles with... I don't know, amnesia, maybe?

   Given the title of the book, one would hope it would include more actual Batman content. My patience with this story is running out fast.

Grade: B-


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