Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Flash - Season 2

   As The Flash rushes into his second TV season, there's a lot for longtime comic book fans to enjoy here.

   Where the first season focused on time travel and the menace of the Reverse Flash, this one is apparently going to focus on the idea of parallel Earths, as Barry Allen meets up with Jay Garrick.

   Jay, of course, is the original, Golden Age Flash. In the comics published in the '60s, it was revealed that there were parallel Earths: Earth-1, where Barry Allen lived; and Earth-2, where the heroes from DC's Golden Age (the 1930s, '40s and '50s) lived.

   The TV show is using that mythology - with some modifications. This Jay Garrick is only slightly older than Barry (if at all), and for some reason, he doesn't have his powers on Earth-1.

   But he does share his experience to help Barry defeat the Sand Demon (who owes a debt to Marvel's Sandman) - and he gets to suit up, including the iconic winged helmet.

   The show is perfectly cast (with only minor changes from the first season), especially Grant Gustin, who's immediately likable and convincing in the title role. I could quibble about the fact that he rarely seems to win outright, and for a speedster he can be a bit slow on the uptake - but his heart is in the right place.

   There were several heart-warming nods to longtime fan in the most recent episode - including a recreation of the classic cover of Flash #123 (the first meeting of the Flashes of two worlds).

   With strong villains, great visuals, humor and smart scripts, this season's off to a great start!

Grade: A-



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Mr. Brooks said...

Jay Garrick is my favorite Flash. For he (like Superman, Captains Marvel & America, Steve Austin, and our boy Barry Allen) does what he does for no other reason that because it's right.