Friday, October 16, 2015

New Avengers #1

   I knew the new Avengers line of comics was facing an uphill battle, starting a new take on the titles that must live in the shadow of Jonathan Hickman's amazing run on the title.

    And for the "new" New Avengers, it's (so far) a miss.

   It springs off of the idea of billionaire Robert (Sunspot) DaCosta buying out the super-science organization known as Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) and turning it into a branch of the Avengers.

   So he builds a team of scientists, establishes an island base, and assembles an odd team of heroes.

   It's odd because you'd expect it to include of some of Dacosta's former New Mutants or X-Force teammates - but instead, it's made up of former Young Avengers - Hulkling and Wiccan - a former Thunderbolt - Songbird - and other young heroes - White Tiger, Power Man (not the Luke Cage one) and Squirrel Girl.

   They're trying to solve the mystery behind a strange event in Paris that has sinister implications - and the villain behind it is a deadly new addition (of sorts) to Marvel's Universe.

   But the story never really comes together, the team has little (or no) chemistry, the menace seems - well, silly, and there's nothing driving the reader to come back for the next issue (the last-page cliffhanger was, frankly, incomprehensible - I have no idea what was going on there).

   I'll be passing on this one.

Grade: C



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