Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Classics - Wynonna Earp #1

   Given the explosion of comic book-based movies and TV shows, it's no surprise when an enterprising network picks up another one - and one of the most recent acquisitions is Wynonna Earp, the action-adventure-horror-modern-western comic that first appeared in 1996.

   It's a terrific choice for a series (scheduled to hit the SyFy Network in the Spring) - it manages to balance action, humor and great characters in a concept that allows the creative team lots of room to run.

   Created by writer Beau Smith, it follows the modern-day descendant of that great figure from western lore, Wyatt Earp. But Wynonna doesn't deal with normal desperadoes - she tracks down the literal monsters that live on the edges of the real world.

   These are menaces that normal law enforcement officials aren't able to handle, but Wynonna and her team (who start turning up at the end of the issue) are ready to take on.

    Among their opponents (or prey) are criminal gangs led by werewolves and demonic thugs who run deadly scams.

   Wynonna is a no-nonsense, tough as nails, sexy and capable woman who plays by her own rules and takes no prisoners - in other words, a hero.

   The art in this first mini-series is by Joyce Chin and Mark Irwin, and it's powerful work, though it goes a bit overboard with the Image Comics style (it was inescapable at the time), which puts Wynonna in skimpy halter tops, skin-tight, low-cut pants, and impractical heels.

   But none of that takes away from the sheer fun of the series (it brought a smile to my face), and we can only hope that the upcoming TV series captures those key elements (the action and humor, not the skimpy outfits).

   Actually, thanks to my comic book connections, I got a look at a preliminary trailer for the series, and it looks fantastic - loaded with action, cool visuals and a lead who's lovely - but tough as nails.

   Hopefully the arrival of the show also means we'll see more comic book adventures with Ms. Earp!

Grade: A


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