Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Classics - Zot #10

   By 1985 the effect on comics of the "grim and gritty" movement was being felt - but not everywhere.

   In Scott McCloud's Zot series, the story pushed back against the trend. There's a wonderful moment where the hero, facing a revolt and a powerful enemy, is urged to take the law into his own hands, to be ready to take the life of his enemy - and his response is to laugh at the absurd nature of the idea.

   This issue wraps up the opening storyline, as Zot must find a way to stop a widespread revolution - and it's an effort that may change his life, no matter the outcome.

   Like the title character, the series is warm, uplifting and funny - but this issue was a bit bittersweet because it marked the temporary end of the series. It returned, but the interior page were black-and-white, with only the covers in color.

    But what a great series this was! This "final" issue boasts some terrific art and design, with the pages still striking and awe-inspiring.

    And there are two pages that feature stunning layouts - one a "wallpaper" effect and the final page a wonderful final note of optimism and heroics.

   This series holds up well today, 30 years (ulp!) after its original publication. Zot was a real hero -  helping people because it was the right thing to do. Amazing!

   Highly recommended!

Grade: A


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