Thursday, October 29, 2015

Justice League: The Darkseid War: Batman #1 (One shot)

   I generally try to resist the urge to buy these spinoff series - one-shots attached to an ongoing event.

   That's because they usually don't have much impact on the story in general and the character in particular.

   So I somewhat reluctantly picked up this issue of Justice League: The Darkseid War: Batman.

   And it's a bit of a mix - some of my fears were justified, some not so much.

   Spinning out of the main series in Justice League, the story has several members of the team endowed with (New) God-like powers. Batman is now sitting in the Mobius Chair, which allows him glimpses of the future - and access to an incredible amount of information, including the answer to mysteries he's never been able to solve - including the name of the man who murdered his parents.

   That's been the subject of debate for years - should Batman know the name of the criminal who launched his career, or does catching that killer mean the end of Batman's career?

   In the original story in the Golden Age, Batman discovers that Joe Chill was the triggerman - and takes a surprising approach to his final confrontation with Chill. This modern story leans a lot on that original tale - but takes it in a different direction.

   It's not a bad story at all, but it's difficult to work up much interest in an all-knowing Batman. Solving mysteries is more fun when they're done the hard wary.

Grade: B





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