Friday, October 30, 2015

Superman #45

   I honestly think that the powers that be behind this new take on Superman are doing their best to convince me to stop buying this comic.

    They're reduced his power, they've revealed his identity, and just when he seems to be concentrating on the mysterious company that's behind his recent woes, suddenly he takes an odd turn and finds himself involved in a super-powered version of Fight Club.

   It's a time-honored tactic to tear a hero down to the bare essentials before building him back up - but you don't get the sense that this story has an endgame in mind. It just seems to be wandering all over.

   Handling the art in this issue (and presumably into the future) is Howard Porter, who's quite good (I always loved his run on JLA), but it's a bit of an adjustment after John Romita, Jr., who has apparently moved on to a new project.

   The problem is, I just don't see much of Superman here. Money troubles? Isn't his best friend a billionaire?

   I like Superman when he's the smartest guy in the room. Not much of that in view here.

Grade: C+



Kevin Findley said...

Shouldn't that be "the most compassionate man in the room"? Supes is the ultimate good guy and it was those very few times he lost control and empathy that made it so shocking. If "For the Man who has Everything" were written today with all of the other tales intact, it wouldn't have the effect that it does.

Chuck said...

Kevin, absolutely! Superman "losing it" should be an extremely rare event (the one you cite being one of the best). These days it's too common.