Saturday, October 31, 2015

New Avengers #2

   As Dwayne commented recently, in my review of New Avengers #1 I said I'd be passing on this series - and then I picked up the second issue.

   It's not that I had second thoughts - I was just in the habit of buying the series, and frankly, I forgot about dropping it - so I picked it up by accident.

   When I realized what I'd done, I thought, "Well, maybe I should have given it a second chance anyway."


   The Maker (Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe) is the big bad, and he's a terrible disappointment - depicted here as the usual slavering, murderous mad scientist, instead of one of the most intelligent men on the planet.

   I don't mind him being villainous so much - he managed that in his original form in The Ultimates, but at least there as some justification (however slim) for his behavior. Now he's just killing and maiming and splattering blood for the fun of it.

   The menace / threat the team faces is just silly (that's it on the cover - I have no ice what it is or why it should be feared). The team's solution to the problem is equally silly.

   So, yeah, I can't recommend this series at all. This time I really will stay away.

Grade: C-





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