Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

   Like most Star Wars fans, I'm delighted to see the new (final?) trailer for The Force Awakens.

   Unlike many, I've deliberately avoided reading too much about the movie - I want to be surprised by the plot twists, after all - and the trailers they're released have done a good job of teasing the story without giving away key plots points. (This is something the original Star Wars trailers excelled at, as well.)

   It should come as no surprise, given our spoiler-free policy here at Chuck's Comic of the Day, that we won't dip into conjecture about the upcoming film - but we're certainly anxious to see it. The visuals are stunning, and the mix of new cast with the original actors promises a heck of a good time.

   And after all, any movie that breaks the Internet can't be all bad.

   In case you've been lost at sea, here's the trailer:


Dwayne said...

Here's what I find interesting. There's a large, vocal contingent of Star Trek fans who detest the Abrams reboot and sequel. Yet, the Star Wars fans are willing to embrace this Abrams movie with open arms. If anything, SW fans are more dedicated to the idea of canon than just about any other fan base. Hopefully, he gets this right.

Anonymous said...

I'm in. Looks great!