Monday, August 10, 2015

Jirni #1 (Vol 2)

   Jirni is back for another mini-series, as she continues to roam a fantastic world of magic, monsters and mysteries.

   How best to describe her? Combine Red Sonja with the She-Hulk, give her a purple hue and you're pretty close to the mark.

   The series benefits from solid writing by J.T. Krul, as Jirni finds herself rescued by a pirate and decides to stay with the crew while she continues her "walkabout" (uh, on water).

   Their journey leads them to a mysterious island - a titanic tower of black granite, at the top of which they find... well, that would be telling.

   It's definitely fantasy in the tradition of Robert E. Howard (Conan's creator), with supporting characters of varied levels of virtue and strange creatures aplenty.

   The art by V Ken Marion and Mark Roslan is terrific, combining beauty, strength and fantasy settings (and strange creatures) into a terrific presentation.

   It's an excellent addition to the sword-and-sorcery-in-comics genre!

Grade: A-



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