Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Spirit #2

   I continue to be thrilled that Will Eisner's The Spirit is back - I just wish the issue included more actual Spirit content.

   Here we continue the mystery of the disappearance of the man behind the mask, as a (mercifully updated to the present) Ebony White and his fellow investigator, Sammy, try to track down their long-absent mentor.

   The search takes them from The Spirit's secret lair to the latest hiding place for one of that hero's most diabolical foes.

  And we do get to see the Spirit in action - if only in a flashback sequence.

   The story by Matt Wagner is sharp, with great dialogue, and the art by Dan Schkade manages to evoke the master, Will Eisner, without being a slavish imitation.

   So far, this series has me hooked - here's hoping the resolution of the mystery is worth the wait!

Grade: A-


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