Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bloodshot Reborn #5

      So here's a comic that seems to have everything going for it - an interesting, conflicted hero named Bloodshot (who lost his powers but now is in the process of being Reborn), a challenge / quest to deal with (tracking down the people infected with the nanites that give him his power), a potential love interest (or two), and that's just for starters!

   But this issue is a bit of a stumble, as it focuses on the (intentionally) annoying "Bloodsquirt," a possibly-imaginary sidekick / inner demon / heaven knows what that appears in this issue to torment the hero.

   That would be fine in small doses, but entirely too much time is given over to the Squirt, and not enough to the title character, who's too busy whining about his sad, sad life.

   It's fine for a hero to have problems, but it's tough to get behind one who does nothing else but.

   Lose the goofy demon, cut down on the whining, and focus on dealing with the problem at hand.

   Besides, I hate "dream sequences." They're a waste of my time - and the artist's.

Grade: B-


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