Monday, July 27, 2015

The Flash #42

   I continue to be mystified at this series.

   The Flash has been a strong success on television - the series will start its second season in the fall.

   So why does the comic book continue to struggle?

   The creative team seems to be trying to bring it into line with the TV show - Barry is now starting to show romantic interest in reporter Iris West (Unlike the show, here she's not his adopted sister).

   And his father is in jail, convicted of killing Barry' mother - but last issue, his father teamed up with several criminals to break out of prison.

   The Flash joins the search for the escapees, but the big concern is the return (and the mystery around) the Reverse-Flash.

   That description makes this issue sound better than it is. Once again, The Flash comes across as incapable and largely incompetent. (How can a big lumbering foe strike a super-speedster? It's silly.)

   The comic needs to embrace more of the elements of the TV show - namely, provide some supporting characters, an actual personal life for the hero (maybe he could go on an actual date with Iris), and let him use his powers in creative ways.

   The series is enjoying some new attention thanks to the TV show - if only it was worthy of it.

Grade: C+


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