Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ivar Timewalker #7

   The temptation in reading an issue of Valiant's Ivar Timewalker is to dismiss it as a new take on Doctor Who.

   Both feature intelligent protagonists who travel through time and outsmart or outwit their opponents. And they both (usually) wear dapper suits.

   But there are differences - and certainly Doctor Who doesn't have a corner on time travel stories.

   For instance, Ivar doesn't have a time machine - and he has to deal with his brothers - two immortals who are great fighters but terribly annoying.

   And in this story arc, Ivar is trying to prevent a human scientist from discovering the secret of time travel - because if she succeeds, it'll result in the end of - well, everything!

   It's a sharp, smart script from the always-reliable Fred Van Lente and strong art by Francis Portela.

    It's a nice balance of action, humor and an intelligent story. Fun stuff!

Grade: A-


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