Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weirdworld #2

   "You're going to like this one," said the owner at my local comics shop. "It features the return of a character who hasn't been seen in a long time."

   So, of course, I started guessing. It had to be a magic / barbarian type character, right? Starr the Barbarian? Dr. Druid? Bilbo Baggins?

   Well, I wasn't even close - and I won't give it away, but the character would fit in a really obscure trivia contest (which is to say, I barely remembered the character / concept, even though I still own the original issues - I think).

    This series continues to be entertaining, in a brutal, revenge-flick kinda way, as Arkon continues his quest to find his home world, which is somehow lost in the corner of Battleworld known as Weirdworld.

   It's violent, it's rude, it's disgusting - but mighty entertaining.

Grade: A-


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