Monday, July 13, 2015

Starfire #2

   The cover of this issue made me laugh - it's a terrific work of art by Amanda Conner, and it looks like Starfire is recovering from a wild party - but actually, she's been in a fight with a force of nature.

    Conner co-writes the story with Jimmy Palmiotti, and it offers an unusual opponent: a hurricane, which strikes the Florida community that Starfire has settled into (for reasons that still aren't clear).

   So the issue is given over to several rescue efforts by Koriand'r - some serious, some humorous.

   It's a fast-paced, funny issue with lots of action and an emotional impact.

   The art is by Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy, and it's quite good - fresh and sexy, but not exploitative of unseemly. It includes great character designs and powerful action sequences.

   The series is off to an unusual start. So far, Kori hasn't faced a single villain (we see the first signs of one, though) or life-changing event.

   Instead we're meeting her new supporting cast and learning about her "new" life and setting. It's a slow, measured advancement and really refreshing, compared to the usual manic approach to a new start.

   The series is fun and refreshing - if only there were more books like it!

Grade: A-


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