Sunday, July 12, 2015

Transference #1

   It's difficult to tell a story that's new or original using time travel as its central concept.

   That's because the rules get fuzzy and - unless the writer is careful - it's easy for the concept to break down quickly under close examination.

   So give the creative team behind Transference credit, because that's the challenge they're tackling.

   Michael Moreci and Ron Salas bring us a (more or less) modern-day world where time travel exists, and an enforcement organization is apparently entrusted with making sure things happen according to plan.

   But there are indications that not all is proceeding according to plan. It's an intelligent story (thank goodness) that makes the reader work a bit to sort things out (and leaves some sorting for future issues).

   I like the art style - there are no "longjohns" on display, and the characters are clearly identified without that crutch.

   The series is off to an interesting start - here's hoping they can keep the edge on the proceedings, and keep the continuity glitches to a minimum.

Grade: B+


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