Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Critter #1

   One of the things about reviewing comics is sometimes you want to give something a rave review - but you just can't quite manage it.

   That's the dilemma with Critter, the kind of book that's right in my wheelhouse (whatever that means).

   It's a straightforward adventure comic about a beautiful young woman who decides to go into the family business - superheroing.

   Written by Tom Hutchinson, the story throws us into the deep end of the pool, as an assortment of heroes and villains crowd in - including one named Yellow Jacket. Isn't that name taken?

   There are some interesting plot twists along the way (including a mysterious visitor from the future), but the story never quite jells. We don't get much of a chance to get to know the title character, and all the characters are two-dimensional.

   There are two different artists at work here, with Fico Ossio taking the first story and CB Zane on the backup tale. Zane's art is a bit more slick, with a George Perez feel to it. Ossio's work is solid, with lots of energy on display, but it's not quite up to Zane's work.

   I think there are some good ideas here and lots of potential, but we need more reasons to care about the title character and we need a better grip on the supporting cast.

   Hopefully future issues will clear up these issues. I love the tone and the concept, but the execution needs some fine-tuning.

Grade: B-


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