Monday, July 6, 2015

Shahrazad #4

   This issue places the mysterious woman warrior named Shahrazad at the center of a classic action setting - a gladiatorial arena, fighting for her life against a series of opponents, each one more deadly than the last.

   At the same time, the mysterious man named Janus is evaluating her, somehow looking into her past life - and finding it goes back a lot further than he expected!

   So you get lots of action, some violent deaths, and some surprising plot revelations - all building up to next issue's wrap-up for the series.

   This series is being put together by committee - there are no less than five people credited for the story, and two of them - Kim Hutchinson and Kari Castor - getting "written by" credits.

   The art is by Mike Krome with colors by Nei Ruffino, and it's quite good, with interesting character and monster designs, and strong layouts - but it is a bit on the bloody side, so it's not really for kids.

   I liked this issue more than I expected - it looks like a straightforward action story (along the lines of Red Sonja), but the story is taking some interesting turns, and there may be more going on than we might expect.

Grade: B+


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