Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Badger #1

   The Badger operates on a deceptively simple concept: for someone to be a superhero in the real world, they'd have to be crazy.

   And boy howdy, is the Badger ever crazy.

   And dangerous.

   Luckily, he's on our side. (I think.)

   In the original version by writer Mike Baron, we met the Badger at the same time his employer (a wizard who will step into the spotlight soon), but his origin was a bit of a mystery.

   He was obviously a former soldier who had lost his marbles - but finally, more than 30 years after his first appearance, we learn the full story behind his transformation in the fighting-mad, animal-loving, bad-guy-hating, zen warrior known as the former Norbert Sykes.

   There's a little bit of chrono-jiggering going on here, as Norbert was originally a Vietnam war vet - but now he's fighting in the Middle East.

   The series no longer operates under the original restrictions, so we get more graphic violence (though nothing too outrageous), and some adult language sprinkled in.

   The art is by Jim Fern, and it's quite good, managing to alternate between crisp and clean and brutal and raw, depending on the demands of the story.

   It's great to see this series making a return (though the publication date hasn't been announced yet, the new mini-series should start showing up before the end of the year).

   It's intense, creative and unpredictable as always - in other words, a heck of an entertaining comic!

   Recommended for all you Larrys out there! (Yes, you!)

Grade: A


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