Sunday, July 5, 2015

X-O Manowar #38

   Who doesn't like a wedding?

   (At least a comic book wedding.)

    As the cover indicates, this issue of X-O Manowar features the title character, a Visgoth warrior named Aric who is captured and enslaved by aliens, but escapes when he bonds with an alien suit of armor. He returns to Earth to find that centuries have passed.

   Now he's an established hero here, and he's rescued other time-displaced Visigoths and has set them up with a small country (territory?) of their own.

   So Aric's thoughts turn to his own future, and after some agonizing, he decides it's time for him to take a wife and start building a family.

   Of course, the tradition of weddings in comic books is one of two scenarios: either a terrible attack happens just before or during the ceremony, or nothing happens except for a lovely celebration of love.

   One of those happens here, but I won't say which - no spoilers, y'all.

   It's a good issue with strong writing by Robert Venditti and excellent art by Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona.

   It sets up some interesting possible futures for X-O, and offers some touching moments for the tender-hearted readers (which includes just about everyone who reads comics, am I right?).

Grade: A-


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