Friday, June 12, 2015

Starfire #1

   I've alway liked Starfire - ever since her first appearance in the Marv Wolfman / George Perez version of The New Teen Titans.

    She's an alien princess who took refuge on the Earth. She can fly, she can fire blasts of energy, and she's very strong. Oh, and her skin is orange.

   She was a controversial character when DC started the "New 52" because the creative team changed her from a sweet, innocent warrior woman to... well, a slut. (At least that's what I heard - I didn't read the Red Hood comic.)

   This series, thank goodness, returns her to her original state (with no mention at all of her previous attitude, which is probably for the best).

   She is (for reasons that are unclear) taking up residence in an island community in Key West, where Sheriff Gomez helps her learn about the community and helps her settle into a new home.

   It's a fun, (mostly) lighthearted issue as we get to know more about Starfire and we see the world through her eyes.

   It's a solid first issue from writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Emanuela Lupacchino, who has a lovely, fresh style that conveys Starfire's sexy nature without being in any way unseemly.

   I have to admit, I enjoyed this issue - it's great to have the "real" Starfire back. Let's hope she sticks around!

Grade: A-


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Kevin Findley said...

She looks like the grown-up version of the Teen Titans version now on Cartoon Network. I like it; this is something my granddaughters can read.