Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weirdworld #1

   Weirdworld certainly seems like an odd choice for a Secret Wars spin-off.

   The original version was a Lord of the Rings takeoff by gifted writer Doug Moench and the amazing artist Mike Ploog (later the legendary John Buscema took over the art chores). I loved it, and was sad when it ended its short-lived run.

   Now it's back - at least the title is back - as it serves as home for all the strangest monsters, magical creatures and other odds and ends from Marvel's Universe.

   Our guide (literally) is Arkon, a barbarian king (very much along the lines of Conan) who has fought the Avengers in the past.

   Now he finds himself constantly fighting for his life as he searches for his kingdom, Polemachus - but how can he survive the constant assault by monsters, trolls and dragons?

   Writer Jason Aaron keeps the story moving at top speed, and throws in a good jolt on the final page.

   The art is by Mike Del Mundo, who also worked on the color art with Marco D'Alfonso, and the result is a painted look that's raw and brutal - a perfect fit for the harsh story and environment.

   Even though it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the original version, Weirdworld is an entertaining trip so far. I'll hang around for this one.

Grade: A-


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