Thursday, June 11, 2015

Batman #41

   Just over three years into the "New 52" version of Batman, and it's time for someone to try to fill the shoes of that hero.

   After last issue's wrap-up of the latest confrontation with the Joker, the survival of Bruce Wayne (and the Joker) is in doubt, so the Gotham Police decide to make their own Dark Knight.

   Yeah, I had the same reaction.

   But that's not the best part - the person filling the new suit is... well, that would be telling. But let's just say that it's the most improbable choice since Alfred pulled on the cowl back in the Silver Age.

   The story by Scott Snyder is solid and imaginative (if a bit difficult to swallow), and the art by Greg Capullo is terrific as always.

   I always struggle when creative teams take away the original hero and bring in a substitute. My first reaction is to drop the series until the original returns - but I admit, the last page of this issue makes me inclined to return next issue.

   But it's hanging by a thread.

Grade: B+



Hoy Murphy said...

I'm glad you read this stuff so I don't have to.


Chuck said...

Ha! All part of the service, Hoy! No extra chanrge. ;-)