Sunday, June 28, 2015

Daredevil #16

   Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's work on Daredevil?

    They somehow manage to capture a classic, almost Silver Age feel to the comic, while making it at the same time cutting edge, with sharp characters and dialogue, stunning visuals and surprises behind each turn of the page.

   This issue brings back some classic DD villains (including his most infamous opponent), confronts the ever-frustrating problem of Matt's public identity (which they've been having a heck of a lot of fun with), and promises a (potential) final solution to the threat that hangs over his life and his loved ones.

   It ends with a heck of a cliffhanger.

   It boils down to this: you'll have a tough time finding a better comic on the market right now from any company.

   So you really should be buying this comic.

Grade: A


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Mr. Brooks said...

In a perfect world the comics gods will aline and Mark Waid will become the Editor-In-Chief of DC Comics.

And give him complete control of the Superman line. The book he was destined to write.

But Waid's probably saying "What do I need with DC Comics"?