Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Flash #41

   It's taken a while, but apparently DC has realized that the TV show based on The Flash is a hit, so they're working to bring the comic book version into line with the version that appears on the small screen.

   That's not a bad idea - and certainly the TV show has been superior to the "New 52" version of Barry Allen - but I really can't tell if the changes are new or if they've been there all along and I just didn't remember them.

   (The key word for this series so far is "unmemorable.")

   For example, we see Barry working to solve the mystery of his mother's death, and he talks to his father, who is in jail after being convicted of her murder. (Was this in place in the comic before? No idea.)

   We also see the return of the classic Flash villain, the Reverse-Flash (or Professor Zoom, if you prefer) - one of the main villains from the TV show, and also involved in the death of Barry's mother.

   Whew! But aside from Zoom's quick appearance, it's the usual business for Flash - he's barely able to defeat a Grade "D" villain, he complains about his roommate, and doesn't seem particularly... heroic.

   The series needs a better supporting cast, some characterization for the title character, and better opponents.

   You know, like the TV show.

Grade: C+



Mr. Brooks said...

Plus, there is no "fun" in this book what so ever. But wait, that's the New 52, er sorry, DC You.

Chuck said...

Sad but true!