Monday, June 29, 2015

Surface Tension #2

   As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of the well-worn "in the future, everything goes to hell" kind of story.

   But I'm willing to make an exception - so far - with Surface Tension.

   That's because it's a story loaded with interesting characters, some romantic interests, and a clever story.

   It manages to mix disaster with an unusual horror story. Most of mankind has been afflicted with something called the "Sea Sickness," which forces them to walk into the ocean.

   Not everyone contracted the disease, so the survivors try to deal with the new reality - and then a young couple walks back out of the ocean, with blue skin and jumbled memories.

   It's all tied in, somehow, to changes in sea coral - and their return has lured a monster to the surface world.

   So there's a lot going on in the excellent story written and drawn by Jay Gunn, and the artwork is terrific - kind of a Frank Quitely look, with striking environments and excellent character designs.

   It's a story with lots of mysteries to analyze, interesting characters to discover and some sharp moments of horror.

   So far, I'm impressed!

Grade: A


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