Friday, May 29, 2015

Convergence: Justice Society of America #2 (of 2)

   Hey, Convergence ended this week. Apparently it left behind massive changes to the DC Universe - something about all the alternate realities still existing?

   So how does that fit in with the Multiversity of 52 alternate Earths? No idea.

   But I did pick up a few of the sidebar issues that were published, hoping for at least one last look at some beloved characters.

   One of my all-time favorites is the original super-team, the Justice Society of America - but man, they're a tough group to love.

   That's because DC has, with rare exceptions, treated the team like crap.

   They've aged them, de-aged them, trapped them in a hellish dimension, returned them to the Earth, killed a few members off - you get the idea.

   They enjoyed a strong run under James Robinson and Geoff Johns - but since then, they've been rebooted in the new Earth-2 title - and they aren't even called the JSA.

   So I had high hopes for this mini-series - but once again, the team is put through the mill. They start the story as old men, they're rejuvenated for one last adventure, defending the city - and they spend the whole fight talking about how great it is to not have sore joints.

   And there's not much hope extended that we'll see their like again - it's depressing.

   C'mon, DC - this is the first-ever team of heroes, the company's only "family" of heroes. Give 'em a break!

Grade: B-


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