Saturday, May 30, 2015

Uncanny Avengers Ultron Forever #1

   Ultron Forever has been a strange series.

   Not so much for the contents, which have been a (more or less) straightforward time travel adventure, with different Avengers pulled from different time periods to fight the world-conqurering Ultron.

    The strange part about it is that the story has been told over three oversized issues, each one with the same creative team and the same time-lost group of heroes.

   But each of the three issues has been an issue #1, with one subtitled The Avengers, one the New Avengers, and the last issue the Uncanny Avengers.

   Maybe it's just me, but that makes no sense at all.

   Still, it's smart to create some kind of tie-in to the movie villain, and the story itself has been pretty good.

   The art by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer, is, of course, brilliant. Terrific character designs, powerful layouts - the usual. And for sheer population on the page, there's a double-page spread in this issue worthy of George Perez - or Jack Kirby.

   The story by Al Ewing is solid, explaining why certain Avengers were chosen for the fight, and twisting the battle into a completely different shape by the final issue.

   It's a lot of fun with loads of action - what's not to like?

Grade: A-


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