Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Sandman Overture #5 (of 6)

   It's always a delight to see another issue of Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III's Sandman Overture - but I have to admit, I'm having trouble hanging on to the story.

   Maybe I'm just getting old, but the first issue arrived in October 2013. Issue two in March 2014. Issue three in August. Issue four in December.

   So we're averaging about five months between issues (which means we should see that final issue late this year).

   That's a bit much for a continued story - I'm definitely going to want to read all the issues together when it finally wraps up.

   Despite that obstacle, this series is an amazing work of art. From the glimpses into the hidden side of Dream's "family" to some unexpected twists and turns, as the universe faces destruction.

   And the art by Williams almost defies description - it's an Op Art explosion of ideas, images and emotions - simply amazing!

   Of course, that's one reason why the series is dragging its feet - art cannot be rushed, and certainly work of this quality is well worth waiting for.

   I can be patient for one more issue. For any reader who values quality, go forth and do likewise.

Grade: A



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