Monday, April 13, 2015

Howard the Duck #2

   You have to give the creative team on the new Howard the Duck comic credit for trying to do something a bit different.

   Rather than trying to do a clone of the original Steve Gerber version, which was all about satire and social commentary (with a healthy dollop of straight comedy), they're bringing Howard more into the mainstream of the Marvel Universe.

   The only downside to that is: Howard tends to get crowded out when thrown up against super-powered characters.

   That's much in evidence in this issue, which starts out as a team-up with Rocket Raccoon (a natural choice and a good match for snarky fun), but then the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy show up, and Howard gets lost in the mob.

   Still, the issue is a lot of fun (if a bit creepy in its plot), and I think if the series has enough time to find its legs, it could be a successful run.


Grade: B


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