Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hawkeye #2

   I admit, I was worried about the change in creative teams for Hawkeye.

   Matt Fraction had managed some great stories in his (relatively short and not technically actually finished yet) run - could Jeff Lemire carry the load?

   So far, the answer is: yes!

   The series continues to focus on all the Hawkeyes - Clint and his brother Barney (in flashback sequences) and Clint and Kate, the modern versions.

   So we're getting an origin (of sorts) and a modern adventure - both about rescuing children.

   The art is by Ramon Perez (with a color assist by Ian Herring), a unique and stylized take that effectively uses color to separate the stories.

   Because it's an unusual take, not everyone will enjoy it. But if you were a fan of Fraction's Hawkeye, you'll probably like this take, too.

   I do!

Grade: A-


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