Sunday, April 12, 2015

Convergence: The Titans #1

   I figure I might as well clear the decks of the Convergence books I picked up this week, because this is probably going to be it for me.

   (Perhaps I'll pick up the last issue to see how it turns out.)

   So this issue, which looks remarkably like the Teen Titans, is actually based on The Titans, the "grownup" version of the team.

   It focuses on three members of the team - Starfire, Troia (Wonder Girl / Donna Troy), and Speedy / Arsenal. They're trapped in Gotham City behind a mysterious wall that cancels out their powers - until a voice tells them they must fight for their lives.

   The city is attacked by the inhabitants of another city - this one filled with incredibly powerful villains.

   It all reads like a generic '90s comic you might find in the discount box. And I predict that you'll be able to find this issue there in the near future. (I know, I'm being harsh. But it's true.)

   It's just thin, with no real characterization and certainly no explanation for the whole "city on another world" shtick.

   My advice: like me, you should avoid this "event."

Grade: C



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