Saturday, April 11, 2015

Convergence: Speed Force #1

   Convergence seems to be created to appease fans of DC's "Pre-New-52" continuity - but it still doesn't make much sense.

   If it's going to flashback to fan-favorite characters and settings, why choose the "late" Wally (Flash) West era, when the hero had become a family man?

   And rather than taking us into a classic Flash adventure (with the Rogues, perhaps), the story instead strands Wally and his children behind a mysterious wall that closes around Gotham City - and severs his connection to the Speed Force.

   There are some positives here - the art by Tom Grummett and Sean Parsons is quite good, and there's a fun guest-star checking in - but aside from a tour of a few of the other trapped cities, there's not much to recommend this issue.

   It seems cruel. There are lots of Wally West fans out there, and he's been out of the picture since the "New 52" began (not including the completely different character who has his name).

   The version in this story isn't likely to satisfy those fans. It's mighty thin compared to the original.

Grade: C+


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