Thursday, April 2, 2015

Convergence #0

      Zero issues are typically used to preview upcoming series or special events, and I assume that was the intention with this issue of Convergence.

   Sadly, my first reaction to the issue was: what the hell was that?

   The issue just makes no sense. It features Superman (is it "our" Superman? No idea), who finds himself in an alien setting. Like Dorothy, he just wants to go home (to Metropolis).

   But first he must face Brainiac (or is it really Brainiac? No idea), who takes a variety of forms.

    As near as I can tell, the series promises to bring together every single alternate Earth / Elseworld / past / present / future DC reality into one crazy quilt of a story.

   I know comics fans are supposed to be fans of continuity, but my initial reaction is that this goes beyond that - it's just too much.

   It's ironic that this is (more or less) following the incredibly creative, carefully planned Multiversity series by Grant Morrison.

   Perhaps DC's editors have been planning this all along, or perhaps it was thrown together to try to steal thunder from Marvel's Secret Wars event (which sounds remarkably similar to this idea).

   Whatever the case, despite this issue's excellent artwork, there's nothing here that makes me think Convergence is going to be anything but a one-off storyline that will be resolved and forgotten in very short order.

   Prove me wrong, DC!

Grade: C


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