Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Guest Review - Joe Frankenstein #2

   Here's another Guest Review by my pal Glen Davis!

   Today he gives is a look at a new title that's been getting rave reviews:

   The second issue of Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon's Joe Frankenstein keeps up the pace (or is it Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan's? I'll let them fight it out amongst themselves).

   Among all the action sequences, we get character moments, as well as an explanation of the conflict driving the book, without drowning us in a sea of exposition.

   It works very well, getting everybody, even those who did not pick up issue number one, immediately up to speed without seeming unnatural or patronizing. 

   We're learning things right alongside Joe, and it all seems quite logical.

   We're also climbing up the hierarchy of the villains, meeting new creatures. I'm hoping Graham and Chuck keep the "new monster every issue" policy. 

   There's plenty of fodder in the Universal Monster roster, and the traditional folklore of every culture on earth.

   I'm already looking forward to next issue! 

Grade: A


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