Friday, April 3, 2015

Uncanny Inhumans #0

   (Should I mention how much I hate the idea of starting with an issue #0? I mean, it’s just dopey. Is it just me?)

   Anyway, here we are with another attempt to base a comics series on The Inhumans. (This time around, they’re the Uncanny Inhumans. I’m surprised it’s not the All-New Inhumans.)

   Obviously, Marvel has a lot of faith in this franchise - they’ve incorporated the concept into the Agents of SHIELD TV show, and they’ve announced plans to produce an Inhumans film.

   It’s hard to understand why, since the concept has never supported an ongoing series, and the most recent attempt crashed rather spectacularly.

   But it’s back again, and off to a good start.

   One reason is the inclusion of Black Bolt, the enigmatic and powerful leader of the hidden race of super-powered beings.

   The story actually combines his return (after his apparent death) with his obligations as a member of the Illuminati, who are fighting to save the Earth in New Avengers.

   But he has another task to manage - he must track down a missing member of the Royal Family.

   The real star of the issue is artist Steve McNiven (with Jay Leisten inking) - Marvel tends to bring him out for special projects or to get new series off to a great start - and he succeeds here, with page after page of powerful, stunning images.

   Charles Soule’s story also does a good job of sparking interest - though it doesn’t really provide any backstory for new readers.

   Perhaps they’re saving that for issue #point-25.

Grade: A


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