Saturday, January 24, 2015

Powers #1

   I should start this by saying that this comic is definitely not for kids (it includes brutal deaths, cursing, nudity and adult situations).

   This isn't a new series, despite the shiny "#1" on the cover - Powers has been around for about 15 years, following the adventures of regular police officers who investigate murders that involve people with super-abilities (they call them "Powers").

   This issue is a good "jumping-on" point for new readers, as it starts the process of re-establishing Deena Pilgrim, a tough-as-nails police detective, as she investigates a gruesome Powers-based mass murder.

   But where is her partner, Christian Walker? (By the way, he has one of the strangest backstories in the history of comics - you'll have to pick up the Powers collections for that.)

   The series is back just in time to tie in with the new TV show based on it, which will appear on the Sony Playstation Network.

   This isn't a series for everyone, but it's expertly crafted by writer Brian Michael Bendis with amazing, powerful art by Michael Avon Oeming.

   If you can handle the adult nature of the series, and you enjoy police dramas and super-hero stories, then this is a series you should definitely be following.

Grade: A-


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Billy Hogan said...

I had to wait until I read this issue before reading your review. Powers is one of my favorite comic book series, and this first issue of a new volume of Powers continues to be at the top of my comic book list, and the last comic book I read in my stack each month. I get my comic books through DCBS.