Sunday, January 25, 2015

Groo: Friends and Foes #1 (of 12)

   Ah, all is right in the world of comic books, as the eternally-stupid barbarian named Groo is back in print.

   Fresh off his encounter with Conan (which both characters somehow survived), Groo is teaming up with some of his classic Friends and Foes in this 12-issue maxi-series.

   We start with foes (not that Groo can tell the difference), as our dense hero tries to get a ride from Captain Ahax, who hates Groo.

   To be fair, he has good reason. Every time Groo gets on board one of Ahax's ships (Boats? Whatever), the vessel promptly sinks.

   So Ahax comes up with a clever way to insure he makes money despite Groo. Of course, when Groo's around, things never quite work out like they should.

   What more do you need to know? It's writer / artist Sergio Aragones crafting his usual ingenious, top-flight comedy, with Mark Evanier wordsmithing the daylights out of it (whatever that means).

   Lots of fun, and wonderful to see our old friend back in action. It's hard to tell who we should feel worse for - Groo's friends or his enemies.

   It's the readers, of course, who are the real winners.

Grade: A-


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