Friday, January 23, 2015

Justice League #38

   I have to admit, the ongoing story - the Amazon Virus - is leaving me cold.

   This is the third chapter in the latest issue of Justice League, and we're finally getting some information about the contagion that threatens all life on Earth - and the real reason Lex Luthor created it.

   That information may be too late, since most of the League has been infected - including the most "human" of them all - Batman.

   Of course, that's the big problem with a series like this - we all know that none of the characters can die, since they're all alive and well in their own titles. And the function of the virus, which gives powers to regular humans, all feels a bit too Silver Age-y.

   There's another development at the end that I won't give away - but it's a horror standard that's been far too overexposed (so to speak) in recent months.

    So, nice art, some good character moments - but I'm ready to move on to the next menace.

   This one just feels too familiar, too derivative - and too toothless - to really hit home.

Grade: B-


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