Monday, January 26, 2015

Fantastic Four #642

   Hoo boy.

   It just pains me to review this series, because the Fantastic Four has, traditionally, been my favorite Marvel Comic.

   But as my reviews of the latest incarnation of the title make plain, this storyline, wherein the team's lives have been torn down and stomped on a few times, just isn't working for me.

   It's fine for a team to face adversity, but here we have the team being destroyed but a long-running (and somewhat absurd) scheme by a new and previously-unknown villain (finally unveiled in this issue. Maybe).

   They're finally - finally! - starting to fight back, to realize the original cause for their troubles.  But the issue, unfortunately, is just a crowded mess.

  The story jumps all over - from Reed imprisoned and facing his enemy, to Johnny and Sue and Ben working together, to the kids in the FF facing a dreadful fate; and the return of a long-hidden character.

   It's just way too much and frankly, it's depressing.

   The art by Leonard Kirk and Karl Kesel in excellent, though.

Grade: B-


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