Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wonder Woman #38

   The biggest surprise with the new creative team on Wonder Woman is that... they really haven't change anything.

   For decades, the standard has been: bring a new creative team on this title and they'll change almost everything about it - including the approach, the supporting cast, the villains.

   But as the Finches (Meredith and David) continue their run, they've maintained the focus on Diana's mythological side. By the end of the last team's run, she had taken the mantle of God of War - and now the story is looking at just how that affects her and her efforts to work with both the Amazons and the Justice League.

   They've added another surprise, bringing back a beloved character we haven't seen since the New 52 launched. It promises to be a controversial move (though you'll get no more about it from me, lest spoilers spill out).

   The art is exceptional - David Finch's style shows some influences from Neal Adams and Brian Bolland - his work is very detailed, with strong character designs and dynamic action sequences.

   As the cover shows, this is still an adult take on Wonder Woman - this isn't a comic for young readers.

   The story is still the question mark - will it live up to the art and to the previous run? For that answer, we may have to wait a few more issues to see how things play out - but so far, so good.

Grade: A-


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