Monday, November 24, 2014

Uncanny X-Men #28

   Last issue Cyclops and the Uncanny X-Men confronted an impossibly powerful (and out of control) mutant.

    This issue, guess what happens?

   The same thing.

   I know decompressed storylines are all the rage (and a special favorite of writer Brian Michael Bendis), but COME ON!

   Look, just read this review again. That's what happens here.

   The only difference is that the art in this issue is by Kris Anka (the cover attributes it to Bachalo, but that's wrong). The art feels rushed and flat - not up to Bachalo's usual stylings.

   The rule is simple for all-powerful characters: by the end of the story they have to either die or go far away.

   Eventually, we'll see where this series is going - but be ready to be patient.

Grade: B



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