Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fantastic Four #13

   I've been ragging on this series for a year now - so it's only right to give it a mention when it seems to finally be turning things around.

   So we finally have the Fantastic Four starting to wake up after 12 issues of being dumped on to a truly depressing extent: their home and possessions were seized, their children and wards were put in SHIELD custody, Johnny Storm lost his powers, Ben Grimm was accused of murder and thrown in prison, Susan Richards seems to be under the influence of the evil Malice, and Reed Richards was busy working for a space-based company.

   So now the team is finally starting to figure out that someone - or something - has been plotting against them, and now they're finally - finally! - fighting back.

   To which I can only say: it's about time!

   Once again, Leonard Kirk and Karl Kesel's art is terrific - expressive, original and animated.

   As I feared, it looks like the team is finally getting its act together just in time for its upcoming end. (Is the series cancelled? Being rebooted with a new #1? Being shut down while the feature film, which apparently has almost nothing in common with the comic book, hits theaters?)

   We'll have to see how that plays out - but I can't believe we're getting close to the end of the stories of Marvel's First Family. Or perhaps I just refuse to believe it.

Grade: B+


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