Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wonder Woman #36

   It's always a bit dicey when a new creative team takes over a successful series - and that what the Finches face as they take on the adventures of Wonder Woman.

   The team is made up of artist David Finch, who's established himself as one of DC's top tier artists. He works in a realistic, detailed style that's striking and enjoyable, with dynamic layouts and outstanding character designs.

   The writing is being handled by David's wife Meredith, so the question is, can her writing match up to the quality of David's art?

   After reading this issue, I'm not sure we can answer that. Most of the issue is dedicated to setting things up for new readers, establishing Diana as a hero who's almost overwhelmed by all her duties - she's the God of War, Queen of the Amazons and an active member of the Justice League.

   All three duties get some play here, so we don't get much of a chance to go into a lot of detail on any of it. The only real disappointment was an encounter with Swamp Thing.

   Wonder Woman goes full "Marvel" here, hitting first and asking questions later. It feels like a weak attempt at injecting some action into the issue.

   Overall, it's a pretty good first effort - great art, an interesting beginning to the series and good characterization. But we'll haste to wait and see how the story unfolds (or doesn't unfold).

Grade: B



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