Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Classics - A1 Book #1 (of 6)

   If anyone ever tries to tell you that the United States has a corner on comic book excellence, you have my permission to laugh in their face.

   As this issue of A1 indicates, there's lots of goodness to be found all around the world.

   Published in London by Atomeka Press in 1989, this issue includes a murderer's row of writers and artists.

   How's this for a lineup: Barry Windsor-Smith, Alan Moore, Garry Leach, Eddie Campbell, John Bolton, Dave Gibbons, Ted McKeever, Brian Bolland, Steve Parkhouse, Bill Sienkiwicz, Neil Gaiman, Dean Motter, Paris Cullins and Bob Burden.

   I know, right?

   Those creators were set loose on 16 short stories - some powerful, some funny, some action-packed, some horrific, some offbeat, some clever, and all entertaining.

   I love anthology comics, and this is a great example of how to do one right: tale tons of top talent and give them room to run.

   You can just about flip to any page and find a gem - from a tale of the Warpsmiths (of Miracleman fame) to Mr.  X to Bacchus (or Deadface, if you prefer) to Blazin' Glory and much more!

   It's a terrific series and well worth the effort of tracking down.

Grade: A


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Anonymous said...

Good pick. I always felt that anthology's first issue set the bar too high for other issues. It's a great book...